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Sustainability Policy

  • Health and safety
  • Land-use planning
  • Permitting processes / policy integration
  • Reporting official statistics
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact assessments

Challenge the practice is addressing: The sustainability policy of Atalaya Mining is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and outlines the company's own sustainability policy.

Concrete practice to achieve the expected goal: Atalaya Mining’s sustainability policy ensures that the company’s decision-making processes follow the principles of sustainable development, effective risk and opportunity management systems in their mining operations are in place, employees are hired and treated sustainably, health and safety matters are taken care of, and environmental sustainability, as well as regional economic development and social responsibility are acknowledged and respected beyond the life of the mine. Also included in the policy is a section on the importance of transparent stakeholder engagement and fostering innovation and research in the fields of sustainable technologies and circular economy processes.

Expected impact/goal of the practice: The Atalaya sustainability policy aims to transfer the culture of sustainability to the entire value chain and ensure that sustainable policies and processes are integrated effectively into all levels of company operations.

Who is the target user group of the practice/intervention or implementing the practice/intervention? The target group of the policy are the extractive industry an all its employees.

Atalaya Mining - Sustainability Policy
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Extractive life-cycle
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Extractives' role in closing cycles
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sustainbility policy