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Who are important stakeholders and how to involve them

  • Health and safety
  • Land-use planning
  • Permitting processes / policy integration
  • Reporting official statistics
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact assessments

Challenge the practice is addressing: The practice helps policy planners and representatives of industry first, to identify stakeholders and second, it provides useful tools for grouping the stakeholders according to their roles.

Concrete practice to achieve the expected goal: First, the practice introduces list of stakeholder groups in mining by sector. This list then proceeds to introduce the government/authorities from all mentioned sectors as well as other stakeholders from the mining industry, experts, communities & NGOs and media & general public. It then proceeds to introduce a set of guiding questions and a checklist to help the user to identify the relevant stakeholders for each of their stakeholder involvement event. Lastly, a tool for grouping the stakeholders by their roles is provided.

Expected impact/goal of the practice: After analysing the roles and interests of different stakeholder groups, it is easier to develop a tailored stakeholder involvement approach for each of them.

Who is the target user group of the practice/intervention or implementing the practice/intervention? The practice is primarily for policy planners and officials but can be used by representatives of industry as well.

"D5.1 Guidelines for the implementation of the Stakeholder Participation Process p. 10, 22-25"
Data item type
Knowledge base
Practice type
Public policy
Report / document
Learning relevance
Unspecified (universally applicable)
Extractive life-cycle
Pre-exploration (land-use planning)
Sustainability scope
Valuing all forms of capital (i.e. natural and social capital)
Stakeholder engagement
Diversity, inclusion & anti-discrimination